• Protein Expression and Purification

    E.coli System, Mammalian Cell System, Insect Cell System.

  • Antibody Service

    Tsz Biosciences is your one-stop solution for antibody production and purification services.

  • Custom Immunoassay Development

    Our scientists are experts in...


Tsz Biosciences

Your source of quality proteins, peptides, ELISA kits, antibodies, methods and more

Tsz Biosciences provides biological reagents and services to aid in molecular detection, assay development & protein expression and purification. We provide over more than 10,000 different types of antibodies and have one of the richest supplies of ELISA kits. Along with the manufacturing of CD antigens, cytokines, growth factors, enzymes, Tsz Biosciences can provide you Protein Expression and Purification service based on your requirements. Tsz Biosciences is dedicated to accelerating your research and development.

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